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Mobile Recruitment Examined Through Younger Eyes

February 17, 2012

A recent college grad and our newest employee Jim Squillante, describes his experience with online job searching in a four part weekly series. This week he gives his thoughts on the very popular and often hot topic: Mobile Recruitment. What better way to gauge the validity of this new outlet then hear an opinion from a younger professional; one who comes from the emerging technologically advanced generation.

A big topic of conversation in HR is mobile recruitment and being readily available for candidates to view jobs anywhere, at any time. Here’s my take:

Have you ever been looking for something to eat while out and either needed to see the menu or the address of a restaurant to confirm the location? I’m sure you have, and the best part is we have that information conveniently in our pocket through our mobile devices. But, have you ever noticed how unlikely a success it is finding that information due to a company’s lack of mobile responsibility? It’s annoying, especially finding menus! It makes you not want to visit their site anymore, and the business probably loses the customer on that given day. The same thing applies to companies recruiting candidates. As I continue, think of a company’s career page as a restaurant’s menu. If it is available on the web, then most likely a candidate will be looking at the site while on the go.

If I see a company sign or billboard that sparks my interest as I pass in transit, you bet I will Google that company and see if they are hiring in my particular field at that very moment. So corporate Joe’s…why not exploit that potential candidate? Just think about the experienced professional to and fro work. He may or may not be unhappy with his job, but I can bet he’s always interested in a new position to possibly make more money, relocate, and or shorten his commute. Why not feed on that target market? That is the type company’s want: experienced professionals. Give him the opportunity to stray. Engage these candidates during their downtime. Stick a QR code on the train with your company’s career logo, create an app, let the candidates browse the openings while heading to work. It makes their life easier by searching, e-mailing the job to themselves and applying on their own terms- when they are ready. Mobile is moving fast, yes, but don’t forget that the candidate is the ultimate variable. You will be able to change their behavior, thoughts, and actions inadvertently if you give them a quick, easy option on the go. Everyone is looking to get ahead, give them an opportunity to view positions online without forcing them to make the conscious decision of sitting down and searching for jobs in their free time. If you’re an experienced professional or a recent college grad, you will appreciate the convenience of a mobile site and I am sure the company won’t mind the return on their investment.

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