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Facebooking for Jobs

October 26, 2011

No doubt, Social Media has created some of the most effective recruiting tools we have ever experienced; but how does the job seeker really use it to find jobs? Richie DeMatteo at Corn On The Job came to the rescue with 10 ways Facebookers can utilize their favorite social network to find their next job.  As employers, we can take these suggestions as cues.

Here are a few suggestions from his list and ways in which you as an employer can use your Facebook Fan page to attract talent.

First like your dream companies:

We all have had at one time or another dreamed of working at a certain company and just maybe you’re that dream company.  So be sure to have a Facebook fan page that is engaging.   A fan page with a great message will encourage them to return the favor and engage you on Facebook.

Connect with Recruiters:

This is always the debate. Do we put our recruiters front and center for the world to see or do we hide them behind black curtains under lock and key? Facebook is a social environment. The more opportunities you give your fans to engage you and become active participants with you on your page, the more effective the tool will be.

Use Facebook Job Search Apps

Bring your jobs to them. Most Facebookers like to stay on Facebook when they are logged in, so give them as many reasons to do as much as they can on your fan page. So along with your info section, videos, RSS of your blog, add a Jobs App tab that allows them to see all your current openings. (Shameless plug) OptiJob has developed a Facebook jobs app for this very purpose! Not only does it allow for fans to see your current openings but it allows fans to share the job via wall post, private message, into a group or even to an email address outside Facebook. It also allows fans to recommend the job – let it go viral baby!

Use a Targeted Ad

Yes, candidates use ads to. Why? Because Facebook ads are very targeted and inexpensive.  As an employer you have the opportunity to complement your Facebook strategy with targeted Facebook ads…maybe to build your fan base, expand your reach or maybe to target folks for your hard to fill positions.  The sky is the limit.



Rich DeMatteo is the creator of Corn On The Job and is a Staffing/Human Resources professional with experience in multiple disciplines.  His blog, Corn on the Job, provides valuable kernels of wisdom for job seekers. Check out his blog to read more:


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