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Am I on Camera?

March 16, 2011

Tuesday, we welcomed our newest addition to our team: Bryan Plesha. And what a first day he had! He was set to fly out of Chicago Ohare (ORD) 1:00 PM but true to ORD’s form his flight was delayed due to “mechanical problems”. Nothing warms a traveler more than to hear that the plane that they are about to board is having mechanical problems. Nonetheless “they fixed the problem” (one could only hope) and he was able to board and take off. As you would expect, the plane arrived 1.5 hours late. Thankfully, the car service pick-up and drive to the hotel went swimmingly. We at least have that so far. So the hotel……Let’s first explain that the OptiJob headquarters are located on the Jersey Shore. If you have ever traveled to the Jersey Shore you would know that most of the accommodations are B&Bs, small beach hotels and motels.  Conveniently there is a B&B style hotel within walking distance of our office, which is where we placed Plesha for the week. The hotel was built in the late 1800s and could be described as, well, charming. Upon arrival at the hotel there was not a person to be seen. After a while, he rang the desk bell to which a woman, who was a striking resemblance to Aunt Bee, came out to greet him.

Aunt Bee checked him in and gave him a key, not a scan card, but a bona-fide key to his room. Remember, the hotel was built in the 1800s. Plus side: there is definitely no chance of getting demagnetized, left stuck in the hallway waiting for the front desk to let you in.

Plesha had some time to spare before being picked up for dinner so he thought, “I’ll hang up my clothes and get settled in”. He sees a set of double doors behind him and tries to open them. With several hard pulls, they didn’t budge and he then noticed a key hole. Naturally he used his “room key” to try and open the doors. No can do. He thought, “is there seriously no closet in this room”? So he decided to call down to the front desk and see if he could get a room with a closet. What no phone?! Nope, no phone either. At that moment he figured he was on camera. He knew the OptiJob crew were jokesters so it seemed like the only logical explanation. No one would seriously put him up in a hotel with no phone and no closet. Or would they? Plesha at that moment decided to pay a visit Aunt Bee to see if she could give him a room, with at the very least, a closet. Upon his request, she looked at him perplexed and said “Oh, fibberdegibbit!”. Well, no she didn’t but that would’ve been perfect, wouldn’t it? She obliged and gave him a new room.  Alas, Plesha was settled. So suffice it to say, Plesha’s first few hours with OptiJob were an adventure. We hopefully ended his evening on a high note by treating him to a delicious team dinner at one of our local favorites, Ship Wreck Grill. But wait there is still more. The hotel saga continues. The next morning he wakes up to take a shower he reads the sign hanging above the mirror: Upon showering turn the bathroom fan on and keep the door closed or you may set off the fire alarm. We could say he was surprised but at that point he just laughed and followed the instructions. Thankfully, no fire alarms went off.

Plesha brings over 15 years of experience of selling IT software, hardware, and services. The last 10 years, he’s sold Applicant Tracking, Social Media Integrations, Vendor Management Solutions, Sourcing, WOTC, and Affirmative Action. He has forged reputable partnerships with companies such as IBM, Ceridian, Kelly Services, Shaker, Spherion, and Accenture: and, has had the pleasure of doing business with many Fortune 1000 companies such as State Farm, Cargill, Zurich, HCSC, Farmers Group, Compuware, Tellabs, W.W. Grainger, Motorola, Discover, Walgreens, Medtronic, American Family Insurance, True Value, among many others. He’s a big baseball fan and in fact played ball throughout college. He’s a devout White Sox fan. Actually he is a fan of any team that plays against the Cubs. He loves anything with meat and cheese on it so if you ever needed to butter him up, take him out for a steak dinner. That’s what we did!

We are very excited to have Bryan on board. Send him a welcome message: ph – 630-517-3399 | email:

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