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Email marketers adopt responsive design to drive mobile results

February 26, 2013

Email marketers adopt responsive design to drive mobile results

An interesting article on mobile marketer about responsive design and the increasing importance of organizations being available to users via mobile devices. 

Here’s a snippet:

“A lot of effort is now going in to make sure users can scan and click on the email when it’s on the small screen. If it takes a user to pinch or zoom to see the email, forget it  – they’re gone,” said Matt Caldwell, vice president of creative and agency services at Yesmail Interactive, Portland, OR. “So one area of increased sophistication is in message design and coding.

2012 Webby Awards Honoree

April 19, 2012

To say the world of Recruiting is changing quickly would be a tremendous understatement. The evolving and progressive nature of the internet, social media and mobile present new opportunities for both the candidates and the employer. With these new channels however; employers are faced with the challenge of constantly adjusting their on-line presence and overall strategy, ensuring they are always positioned to attract the new savvy audience of job seekers.

One of our long-standing clients, Covance is one of the world’s largest drug development services company, with 11,000 employees in 60 countries. Covance has helped develop one-third of all the prescription medicines in the market today. Accolades of this magnitude are only possible with best-in-class talent. Their recruitment advertising agency, CKR Interactive knows full well the challenges that Covance faces in attracting the best and brightest. Most recently they were tasked with redesigning their career site and what a remarkable job they did.

CKR Interactive has been selected as an Official Honoree of the 16th Annual  Webby Award in the Employment category for: This nomination is considered “Internets highest honor” by The New York Times. As Covance’s SEO, Social and Mobile partner, we could not be more pleased with the design. The design created a frictionless candidate experience that combines all of Covance’s on-line recruitment efforts: SEO, Mobile and Social.  CKR Interactive, being the progressive agency they are fully understands the value in integrating the career site with the SEO solution and devised many ways to seamlessly do so. And since the launch of the new site, they have helped to increase Covance’s organic visitor traffic by 34.7%.

From everyone at OptiJob, kudos to both CKR and Covance!

Mobile Recruitment Examined Through Younger Eyes

February 17, 2012

A recent college grad and our newest employee Jim Squillante, describes his experience with online job searching in a four part weekly series. This week he gives his thoughts on the very popular and often hot topic: Mobile Recruitment. What better way to gauge the validity of this new outlet then hear an opinion from a younger professional; one who comes from the emerging technologically advanced generation.

A big topic of conversation in HR is mobile recruitment and being readily available for candidates to view jobs anywhere, at any time. Here’s my take:

Have you ever been looking for something to eat while out and either needed to see the menu or the address of a restaurant to confirm the location? I’m sure you have, and the best part is we have that information conveniently in our pocket through our mobile devices. But, have you ever noticed how unlikely a success it is finding that information due to a company’s lack of mobile responsibility? It’s annoying, especially finding menus! It makes you not want to visit their site anymore, and the business probably loses the customer on that given day. The same thing applies to companies recruiting candidates. As I continue, think of a company’s career page as a restaurant’s menu. If it is available on the web, then most likely a candidate will be looking at the site while on the go.

If I see a company sign or billboard that sparks my interest as I pass in transit, you bet I will Google that company and see if they are hiring in my particular field at that very moment. So corporate Joe’s…why not exploit that potential candidate? Just think about the experienced professional to and fro work. He may or may not be unhappy with his job, but I can bet he’s always interested in a new position to possibly make more money, relocate, and or shorten his commute. Why not feed on that target market? That is the type company’s want: experienced professionals. Give him the opportunity to stray. Engage these candidates during their downtime. Stick a QR code on the train with your company’s career logo, create an app, let the candidates browse the openings while heading to work. It makes their life easier by searching, e-mailing the job to themselves and applying on their own terms- when they are ready. Mobile is moving fast, yes, but don’t forget that the candidate is the ultimate variable. You will be able to change their behavior, thoughts, and actions inadvertently if you give them a quick, easy option on the go. Everyone is looking to get ahead, give them an opportunity to view positions online without forcing them to make the conscious decision of sitting down and searching for jobs in their free time. If you’re an experienced professional or a recent college grad, you will appreciate the convenience of a mobile site and I am sure the company won’t mind the return on their investment.

How to Effectively Use Social Media in Your Job Search

February 9, 2012

A recent college grad and our newest employee Jim Squillante, describes his experience with online job searching in a four part weekly series. This is week 2.

How to Effectively Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Last post, I left talking briefly about searching for jobs with social media. I will continue this week with that thought, talking about how instrumental it is in getting you the position you have always wanted.

From what we went over last week, job seekers do not necessarily know where to start when searching. It’s not our fault! We are former students and professionals in our field, not professional job seekers.  So, the most common thing for us to do is to call up connections/friends and enlist them in our fight to find new employment ASAP. 9 out of 10 times the way you get a job is through a referral. It’s just the way it is, a person with a respected referral and an “in” has the upper hand over most applicants. It’s all about access to the inside.

My point: the use of social media can add another weapon to your arsenal, allowing you to make and contact connections out of your immediate network.  Most likely if your reading this, you already have an E-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account. Use this to your advantage! Through these portals, you have thousands of connections whether mutual or direct. Something that I recently stumbled upon from a suggestion by a colleague is, a free site that “enables professionals and organizations to leverage their collective relationships and extend their professional networks to reach more people and close more business faster. Reachable helps sales reps close more deals, recruiters find more talent, and professionals establish new business relationships” (reachable Facebook page)  I suggest when you are searching for jobs, find ways to get that “in” at the company to which you are applying. It may take you a lot further in the application process, and get you a quick ticket into the office for an interview faster than you think.

Here’s my 2 step strategy:

Research: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Do your research on a company’s career page, most have landing pages that allow you to see position openings via Facebook. This helps tremendously, allowing you to find jobs postings all in one place. By doing your research on a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter page, you’ll find up to date information about the company, news, and status of current projects. Find something you like on the career site, and apply directly. This is a fool proof way to gather information and directly apply to a company without any hassle or third party vendors.

Network: Reachable, LinkedIn, BranchOut

Many people, myself included thought that after you apply the first step is over. If the company likes you, you’ll hear back. Well sometimes this may work, but why not make sure that your application is getting processed and it was not just a waste of time. Search Reachable, LinkedIn, or Facebook’s app BranchOut for contacts that your friends have at the company you have applied. Reachable is unique because you are specifically searching your extended network. Look through your extended network, find friends connections and ask for an introductory email or skip the introduction and email directly. It can’t hurt! This is a way to get “your in” and through the extended network, find out who you should be contacting in HR. Give it a shot, it’s a way to get noticed and separate yourself from the other applications.

Recent College Graduate’s Experience in Online Job Search

January 26, 2012

A recent college grad and our newest employee Jim Squillante, describes his experience with online job searching in a four part weekly series.

Efficiently Searching for Jobs

When it comes to choosing a career or your first full-time job, odds are if you’re like me, you’ll probably find something slightly outside of your expertise/degree. I have always been open minded with a few general requirements:  to like what I do, make sure it is challenging work and if or when necessary, be it a good stepping stone for myself to use as leverage at a later date.

During my final year, I found myself perusing the university career services job portal for countless hours searching jobs that never amounted to anything. I remember wasting day’s just searching, reading descriptions and applying through job boards but never hearing back. After a few months in the fall of my senior year, I took some time off to figure out the best ways to get my resume past the initial application because I realized I didn’t have a firm grasp on how to efficiently search and apply for jobs.

As previously mentioned, I went on to my university career services website. I also visited job boards during the beginning of my search because it seemed like the logical thing to do..think about it, most company’s post positions on careerbuilder, monster, etc. I figured it would be like ‘shooting fish in a barrel’…wrong. It seems like a great way for employers to recruit and easy access for candidates to spot newly posted openings, but when it boils down many candidates struggle to hear back due to the massive amount of applications inundating employers.

Job boards (i.e. monster, careerbuilder etc) mostly contain reliable position openings but I was turned off when I soon realized how many jobs surfaced to the forefront during general searches by simply misrepresenting their description and company. Some sounded interesting but turned out to be “pyramid schemes” after reading reviews.

Bottom line if you’re a new grad or seasoned professional, don’t waste your time applying with job hunter sites exclusively. In my opinion, it’s better to find a position on these sites to give yourself an idea of how to narrow down your search, then do your own independent research and apply a different way in order to allow HR to differentiate you from the masses that apply via job boards.

A few alternatives to Job Boards…

Search Engines. I use Google. I’ve even been known to search Google on the Bing homepage when my blackberry pulls up the internet. Regardless of whichever search engine is used, we highly rely on search engines to crawl the internet and find what we are looking. This certainly applies to when searching for work. The successful companies that I have been able to find and easily apply when searching are the ones that fully optimize their website and are relevant on searches. Google looks for relevant, trustworthy content to help you find a company/position. Google potential employers, do your research on their site, and check out their career pages for the ability to directly apply. Chances are you may even be able to find someone in HR to contact directly.

Social Media. I suggest when searching companies look to social media. Many companies have Facebook and Linkedin career pages that allow you to see open positions and click the links to directly apply. These social media sites have made applying for positions very easy and efficient. By following a company page you can also remain informed when new positions open. I also like to check a company’s credentials through social media sites just to make sure they are accredited, progressive, and respected in their community.

Stay tuned for next weeks post.

Happy Holidays

January 5, 2012

Just in case you missed our holiday video. Happy Hanukwanzumas!

Facebooking for Jobs

October 26, 2011

No doubt, Social Media has created some of the most effective recruiting tools we have ever experienced; but how does the job seeker really use it to find jobs? Richie DeMatteo at Corn On The Job came to the rescue with 10 ways Facebookers can utilize their favorite social network to find their next job.  As employers, we can take these suggestions as cues.

Here are a few suggestions from his list and ways in which you as an employer can use your Facebook Fan page to attract talent.

First like your dream companies:

We all have had at one time or another dreamed of working at a certain company and just maybe you’re that dream company.  So be sure to have a Facebook fan page that is engaging.   A fan page with a great message will encourage them to return the favor and engage you on Facebook.

Connect with Recruiters:

This is always the debate. Do we put our recruiters front and center for the world to see or do we hide them behind black curtains under lock and key? Facebook is a social environment. The more opportunities you give your fans to engage you and become active participants with you on your page, the more effective the tool will be.

Use Facebook Job Search Apps

Bring your jobs to them. Most Facebookers like to stay on Facebook when they are logged in, so give them as many reasons to do as much as they can on your fan page. So along with your info section, videos, RSS of your blog, add a Jobs App tab that allows them to see all your current openings. (Shameless plug) OptiJob has developed a Facebook jobs app for this very purpose! Not only does it allow for fans to see your current openings but it allows fans to share the job via wall post, private message, into a group or even to an email address outside Facebook. It also allows fans to recommend the job – let it go viral baby!

Use a Targeted Ad

Yes, candidates use ads to. Why? Because Facebook ads are very targeted and inexpensive.  As an employer you have the opportunity to complement your Facebook strategy with targeted Facebook ads…maybe to build your fan base, expand your reach or maybe to target folks for your hard to fill positions.  The sky is the limit.



Rich DeMatteo is the creator of Corn On The Job and is a Staffing/Human Resources professional with experience in multiple disciplines.  His blog, Corn on the Job, provides valuable kernels of wisdom for job seekers. Check out his blog to read more:



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